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Why managers sometimes need to clearly say no

STOP! - Neinsagen im Projektmanagement

One of the key characteristics of leaders is to be binding to say no to. However, this should always in the right moment and in the rightway done – and preferably on the basis of a differentiated decision. In short, it comes to this timing, tact and transparency to. Is about when it comes to the request of an employee to a short-term private conversation, but until further notice no corresponding time slot in scheduler available. Or could to internal improvements to specific workflows, the preliminary examination so either do not, or can be implemented only with considerable effort, thus leaving the overall structure falter.

In both cases, there’s no time beating about the bush. The only costs time, and at worst gets you by the suspect to be hesitant or even incapable of decision. Both undermines authority . But no less counterproductive is also an overly harshly put forward and insufficiently reasoned refusal. Because that quickly leads to employee frustration and demotivation.

Tacheles talk – without collateral damage

So as a leading employee has always the responsibility towards the company being able to clearly identify boundaries without causing equal greater collateral damage. And just for completeness: All this applies also to communicate with one’s own boss and stakeholders (customers here are specially meant). For be informed of such unrealistic goals or formulated new requirements that go beyond the agreed and economically calculated order frame, so you have talked and decided to say no Tacheles!

Of course you can also learn more later, but actually part of the basic equipment of an executive. Here there is therefore even greater need for improvement, then professional coaching to rhetoric & Co. probably inevitable. Everything else is a limbo.

Saying no in project management

Especially in project management is the ability to properly be able to say no, an essential prerequisite for efficient project courses.Otherwise projects come fast times on the way. While offering agile project management via Scrum or Kanban always the possibility of a targeted readjustment – but the project structure must not lose stability in this way!

Clarify can be the example of the aforementioned suggestions of employees: These are generally welcome , but must be targeted and implemented in a timely manner, without jeopardizing the project as a whole and the timely implementation of individual stages. If the risk is too large, must promptly forth an unequivocal no. Otherwise, an unnecessary amount of time for unnecessary discussions ultimately lost. It is also important that the employee has his head free for the tasks entrusted to it.

Practical Tips for Project Managers

In any case, should be avoided, that the employee understands the No his superiors as an affront and too personally takes. With the following tips can minimize this risk:

  • Subjecting If possible, every suggestion of a first quick test . That must take no longer than a few minutes and should always with your time management by the 60-40 rule be consistent. The worthwhile suggestions, you can then look again more closely or „keep“ for later. The important thing is that you bring your ’no‘ clearly expressed. So spare yourself and others a non-binding „Maybe“!
  • Poke your employees with your cancellation not on the head. Spell it friendly but authentic – and works best in private. The queue at the food counter in the canteen is for a possible inappropriate place. Lastly, do not want to expose to others your employees.Rather, here are timing and tact required.
  • Give reasons for your decision to act without Headteacher way. In order to give your employees the good feeling that you can actually be conscientious with his proposal busy and have this assessed according to objective criteria. But to avoid lengthy discussions! Talk. Less about his idea in itself, but in the core of your decision After all, your ’no‘ must adamant at this moment are fixed

But: If you firmly intend a staff proposal at a later date to check again and, if necessary, to let then be incorporated into the project, you should consider whether the opposite your employees communicate exactly. Achieving this goal requires respective chances of successbe given! This does certainly motivating to him – but then you have to also be aware that from your „No“ so that a „yes, but not now“ is.From the perspective of your employee then stand in the word.

Our software solutions for project management will not help you though in saying no, but are nevertheless effective assistance in project work. You can this here without obligation and free of charge.