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Extremely teamwork – Why focus groups become independent

Working as a team so has its pitfalls. Absurd ideas, extreme proposals, into the void ongoing meetings and tangible conflicts occur more frequently than it can be dear to all participants and especially the team leaders. To avoid that, the little. You can the „beast“ group dynamics but at least try the reins apply. The necessary background knowledge to deliver like you in this blog post.

Hazardous group dynamics: Too many cooks spoil the broth occasionally

If intelligent, grown-up people come up with absurd proposals around the corner, that are beyond any reality, mutate into bucking infants, because no one responds to their suggestions and even the wisest among us lay aside all restraint to ward off objections furiously, then shows the good old teamwork once again from their worst side.

This is in the best teams in front. Avoidance is actually not possible. Who can foresee the point that leads to an independence of the group discussion? Who can maintain already sufficient emotional and intellectual distance?

What’s behind it?

That is precisely the problem behind the phenomenon, describing the psychologists and scientists with the three mechanisms of group dynamics and -polarisierung:

  1. Interference: After a detonation by individual members and their proposals, the basic positions reveal. Once identified, the panelists assign the various parties and adapting their opinion because rational arguments.
  2. Comparison: More and more shows that hide behind some opinions group values and standards. This unconscious knowledge abuts the adaptation and re-evaluation of one’s position. Mainly to avoid internal tensions and team social pressure.
  3. Differentiation: Similar to the comparison process takes place, here an adaptation to the participants the majority (s). For the purpose of „keeping face“ but the basic idea is here differentiated, spun out and sometimes overridden.

The rationale is lost as fast times. This happens regardless of the composition of the team, like the selection of the members to be also carried out so carefully.

Homogeneity flop, narcissists top

It would, incidentally, itself a tragic fallacy when you make to avoid degenerations described your troops from the point of maximum homogeneity. While you can minimize such potential areas of friction and conflicts in teamwork, thus preventing However, at the same time important innovations. Successful project work is expected selbige mandatory. This Ana Luiza Burcharth has found in her doctoral thesis at the Danish Aarhus School of Business at the University of the same name.

Researchers Jack A. Goncalo and Sharon H. Kim of Cornell University and Francis J. Flynn of Stanford University would you rather advise in return consciously to take stress and strenuous team meetings in purchasing and the occasional narcissist incorporated into the group ,Although these are not necessarily more creative than their counterparts in the rule whose overconfidence and the consequent euphoria looks quite a stimulating effect on the others and leads to an increase in the yield of the creative team.

Putative problems sometimes turn out to be very useful! ☺